5 Easy Visibility Boosts


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5 Quick Visibility Boosts

Profile raising to help you stand out!


✅ How you can make visbility EASY instead of overwhelming

✅ Why knowing where you're headed helps NOT hinders your Visibility journey

✅ How what you love enhances your visibility giving your audience a magnetic experience… and why

✅ Why to & how to A.C.E. your audience to create growth for groups, pages and impact when making a difference

✅ What recent studies show about those who stand out... and those who don't and how to navigate that, even if you're naturally introverted

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If you're wondering "who on earth Jenny is?"

Jenny Kovacs was the U.K.'s first Visibility Specialist and is still the only Specialist who covers the mindset, the inner work and the actual doing to raise your profile both off line and online. 

Jenny's work with both ambitious organisations and confident people stops that feeling of being invisible. It also helps you and your business to gain more visibility to make the kind of impact that has your customers find you easily and understand exactly how you can help them too.

This is why I'm known as "The Queen of Being Seen" it's ALL about you!

Jenny Kovacs

Jenny Kovacs

Class Creator & Lead Instructor

I show you how to raise your profile authentically & become more visible so more people find you, buy you & value what you do.

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