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Raise your profile, so you’re seen, heard, visible and known about | taught by Jenny Kovacs

Course description

Plan Your Ultimate Visibility For 2018 and Confidently Create a Plan before January that takes you through your next 90 Days while creating some cashflow.

Recently I invited you to join me in planning your 2018


Ask yourself this:

Are you mentally exhausted with overthinking your business direction alone?

I’ve done this one more than one occasion, it’s horrible, doubt creeps in about what to do next, how to plan it and how to make a consistent income doing it.

Ideal clients, consistent income and best months yet are much easier to come by when you have a plan but I know there’s also a part of you that deeply wants to live the dream, build your business and do it without the hardcore pushing.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail the saying goes, but how can you be a hu-man with a plan when you you’re not even sure of what to put into that plan, let alone while trying to figure it all out for yourself?

I’ve designed this live online virtual workshop with you in mind, the solopreneur smaller sized business who wants much bigger results, a bigger life and to make a bigger difference to the lives of people.

A business owner who:

✅ Is authentic while in action with higher engagement and stronger connection

✅ Knows when to choose in flesh and offline and how they’ll navigate online v offline world

✅ Thrives and feels abundant in many life areas, while running their business that gets the message out and creates services which are needed and actually sell


In planning my business and my life I’ve been able to enjoy a harmonious travel and work life, some special financial goal months and some fabulous experiences including many ’pinch me’ opportunities.


Along the way, in total truth, I also fell into some pretty deep trenches and while everyone has their own path and own journey. I’d love the opportunity to co create some fabulously juicy planning with you for now and your New Next Year.


So let’s get your plan created,up, out there and actionable in a 90 day chunk, so you can see what’s next for you, repeat and grow over the next 90 days, here’s what we’ll do

We’ll look at these essential areas;

1️⃣ Actual Visibility, how and where to plan to be visible and where to spend your first days standing out, and expanding your reach.

2️⃣ How to harmonise the online off line debate you e may have been having in your head so you leverage your offline next works and know how to navigate your plan online too

3️⃣ Consistency, creating regular habits which create cash flow without throwing you into overwhelm

4️⃣ How to plug the time into your calendar so you can work and unplug

5️⃣ Leverage so you’re confident in which comes first and can confidently create actual results

Here’s how we’ll do this!

✅Lets spend a few of hours together on 18th December putting together the framework for the plan.

✅Then we’ll plug in some pieces and fill in the gaps.

Because I know first hand that implementation is key

✅ We’ll get together a few weeks later to course correct, make any necessary adjustments and ensure you’re working your plan, in bitesized chunks. (3rd January)


✅ We’ll come back together a gain for an accountability day, just in case you’ve been pulled along the way by the festive season and change into the New Year. (24th January)

Here’s the best way for us to make this happen, we’ll run it through the VIBES platform, it’s an online platform that allows you to gain 24 hour access.

Here you’ll find you can also watch and participate in the live classes, watch prerecorded videos and hear audio recording as well as download the worksheets, templates and other workshop documents.

As an added bonus you’ll receive full access to over 60 other pieces of Visibility raising training materials, sales call secrets and interviews contained there too.


Your 2018 Ultimate Visibility Plan was designed to Confidently Create visibility in 90 Days while you get paid.

There are 3 options for you to choose from;

Option 1 - The 1 Month Option:

Attend the live group online class in December (or watch the recording) on a one off basis.

Join for the next calendar month for just £29, only make the recurring monthly payments if you choose to stay. 

NOTE: you can cancel anytime you choose inside the system.

For one month you’ll get live access to the Live Virtual Online Class on Tuesday 19th Dec 10:00am - 2:30pm and 6:00pm - 9:30pm


Option 2 - The 1 Quarter Option:

Attend the live group online class in December, (or watch the recording)

Attend the live group implementation session early January (or watch the recording)


Attend the group accountability day 24th January (or listen to the recording)

Select the 1 Quarter Option for the next 3 months for just £81

If you want to stay just make another payment in March 2018.


📌 Live Online Class ~ Tuesday 19th Dec 10:00am - 2:30pm

📌 Implementation Class ~ Wednesday 3rd Jan 2:00pm - 4:00pm

📌 Virtual Accountability Day ~ 24th January 9:00am - 4:00pm


Option 3 - The Annual Option:

This is the Quarter Option and includes 3 x additional quarterly 2018 Visibility Plan private calls in March, June & September

Attend the live group online class in December, (or watch the recording)

Attend the live group implementation session early January (or watch the recording)

Attend the group accountability day 24th January (or listen to the recording)

On an annual basis

To book your place please click here and select your Annual, Quarterly or monthly plan

Payments are accepted via credit and debit card or PayPal

Dates for the LIVE calls…

📌 Live Online Class ~ Tuesday 19th Dec 10:00am - 1:30pm or 6:00 - 9:30pm

📌 Implementation Class ~ Wednesday 3rd Jan 2:00pm - 4:00pm

📌 Virtual Accountability Day ~ 24th January 9:00am - 4:00pm

To support you in your planning journey, you’ll also gain access to the monthly Q&A Calls so you can ask specific questions, gain clarity and ask for help.

You've also got access to the VIBES Programme for the duration of your time here as a bonus, you're in action!

You've just chosen the next best step in raising your profile...

This online based programme, helps you to articulate your value to an organisation as an employee or a business as an entrepreneur.


Once you know how to say what you do out aloud, you can type it, record it, speak it, convey it and sell it.

That's Visibility… Become more visible and let's do Visibility in your V.I.B.E.S.

A membership programme which has you seen, heard, noticed and standing out to those who see your true value. New inspiration, content and information added regularly.

Subscription is offered Monthly, Quarterly or Annually and there is no obligation to be a member for longer than the time you choose, you decide.

Here's what's included:

~ Full online access whenever you need and wherever you need it. With easy access from your phone, tablet or computer anywhere you have Internet or a network connection.

~ Access to the Visibility VIBES™ Inner Circle, the Facebook group to share ideas, ask for the groups opinions, ask your Visibility questions and connect 'in group' with me

~ A selection of videos to instruct, guide and teaching great ways to raise your profile and stand out.

~ Audios and recordings which give you bite-size nuggets of visibility raising information enjoy and listen to over and over again.

~ Handy downloadable PDFs, Worksheets, Checklists and handy guide's to support your current and future visibility raising journey.

~ The ability to ask me questions, on LIVE calls and in the Visibility Inner Circle Facebook Group at selected times*.

 * Call schedule provided upon subscription and live trainings and Q&A calls will be recorded for your viewing pleasure

Jenny Kovacs
Jenny Kovacs
Class Creator & Lead Instructor

I show you how to raise your profile authentically & become more visible so more people find you, buy you & value what you do.

Contact Jenny or a member of her team at

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