Course Description

Speaking Out Authentically™

Speaking Out Authentically is a 10 Week Live Group Online Programme designed to make your message matter, and clearer while being authentically you.

It's starting on Monday 1st October 2018

If deep down you wonder what it would be like to feel confidence and supported as you transition how you talk about what you do so well in your business.

You desire the tools & strategies on tap to build your, expertise, reputation and clients confidence in what you do.

You want to know exactly what to do and how to do it in a way which suits you.

Enjoy straightforward techniques and tips, helping you to promote your products, sell your services within your business, promote your book or just to get on with doing your thing.

We will:

Develop and Build a 60 second introduction, so that you’re short and succinct without the waffle

Discover your unique version of authenticity and how to use it when communicating with others

Plan how to prepare a talk to anyone about anything

Learn how to answer questions without minutes, hours and days of preparation

Engage your listeners through 7¾ steps to successful interactions

Learn the what and the how to lead up to a presentation which sells

Banish the anxieties which may stop you from being your absolute best

Manage your inner critic to make it work for you

Look at how colour psychology impacts your listener

This programme IS for you if you’re;

  1. A business owner who wants to tell clients about your business through networking, launches,  or presentations
  2. Not sure how or what to say to others when promoting your business in a professional way non pushy way
  3. Increasing your credibility when speaking in general, whether on a one to one, one to many, in a business or even social settings.
  4. An accomplished speaker who wants to take their presentations to a higher level for maximum, impact, sales or engagement.
  5. Looking for ways to tell more people about what you do which feels more authentic and like you.

So what’s included?

10 live weekly calls where you can ask your questions, implement  and expand your knowledge. You'll have space to share your successes and challenges and learn from people who want to make it happen. 

The calls are scheduled to take place every Monday, in the evening for 90 minutes and the programme includes recorded  question time.

Secure online classroom, where you can browse materials created specifically for this programme for the course duration. 

You'll have 24/7 access to allow you to continually prepare for any forthcoming talks, presentations and events that you have coming up. All in your own time.

Done for you templates to assist you when preparing your speaking events, so you know how to best organise your information. Saving you the work of reinventing the wheel!

Tip sheets, developed for you on a weekly basis and stored in the secure log in area to boost your knowledge, give valuable information and provide you with confidence to get your stuff done anywhere at any time.

Weekly video tips to help you to Speak Out Authentically™ with digestible bites showing you do’s & don’ts, body language hints and tips, and answers to most of your frequently asked questions. Packed with information for you to review time and time again.  

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The doors close for enrolment on Monday 8th Oct, and this programme will not be offered at this rate again!

Class Creator & Lead Instructor

Jenny Kovacs

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • 1 Pre Course Bonus ~ Planning Intro

    • 2 Pre Course Bonus ~ Planning Desire

    • 3 Pre Course Bonus ~ Planning Who

    • 4 Pre Course Bonus ~ Planning Struggle

  • 2

    Week One Monday 1st October 2018

    • SOA Welcome Info

    • SOA Module 0 - 5 Call Agenda

    • SOA Module 6 - 10 Call Agenda

    • Call Worksheet ~ Module 1 011018

    • Listen Back To The LIVE Call 011018

  • 3

    Week Two Monday 8th October 2018

    • Module 2 Q&A Handout

    • Listen Back to The LIVE Q&A Call 081018

  • 4

    Week Three Monday 15th October 2018

    • Call Worksheet ~ Module 3151018

    • The LIVE Call 151018

    • The Call Recording ~ Know What to Say Your Way!

  • 5

    Week Four Monday 22nd October 2018

    • SOA Module 4 Q&A

    • The Call Recording ~ Talk Titling & Q&A

  • 6

    Week Five Monday 29th October 2018

    • SOA Module 5 291018

    • This Weeks Call 291018 ~ Structuring Your Talk The 7 1/4 Key Elements

  • 7

    Week Six Monday 5th Nov. 2018

    • SOA Week 6 051118 Live Q&A Call Replay (it's juicy)

  • 8

    Week Seven Monday 12th Nov. 2018

    • SOA Module 6 - 10 Call Agenda

    • The Get Gigs One!

    • SOA Week 7 121118 The Get Gigs & Goal Set Call

    • SOA Week 7 Get Gigs & Goal Set Replay

  • 9

    Week Eight Monday 19th Nov. 2018

    • SOA Module 8 191118 Q&A Call Worksheet

    • SOA Call Recording 191118

    • SOA Week 8 191118 The Q&A and Implementation Call

  • 10

    Week Nine Monday 26th Nov. 2018

    • SOA Week 9 261118 Be Ready, Speaker Promotion Sales & Marketing

    • SOA Module 9 261118 Worksheet

    • SOA Order Form Example 9 261118

    • [Audio] Be Ready, Speaker Promotion, Sales & Marketing Call Recording

  • 11

    Week Ten Monday 3rd Dec. 2018

    • SOA Week 10 031218 The Q&A and Implementation Call

    • [Recording] SOA Week 10 Audio The Q&A and Implementation Call

  • 12

    BONUS ~ Build Your Bio

    • SOA Bonus JK Bio Example

    • SOA Bonus Module Bio Worksheet

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